Jonathan Farrar

Jonathan is an operational executive who lives in the Tampa, Florida area. He brings 29 years of executive and corporate management experience to 33 Hope and has worked with both Fortune 100 and 500 companies.  As a former CEO, Chief Operating Officer, Vice President and Director of Medical Affairs, he specializes in the areas of corporate operations and strategy, sales growth and market expansion, new business development, logistics, acquisition analysis, product development and positioning and extensive turn-around and start-up experience.  

His executive positions have allowed him to improve one company’s ranking to the top 20% from an unknown start-up in the US.  In another turn-around situation, he forecast 90% in new revenues by developing international relationships resulting in new business and distribution opportunities from Japan, China, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Saudi Arabia.  He has increased initial sales 20% while decreasing expenses 35% within 6 months in another struggling company, grew one organizations independent distribution network 6-fold within 4 months while managing 30 independent satellite distribution centers and expanded another organizations potential market 7-fold by conducting extensive clinical review, allowing for successful 510K resubmission and expanded FDA indications.  Additionally, he has managed clinical trials in 6 top U.S. research hospitals, with multi-million dollar budgets.

Jon started his first career as a commercial diver and underwater welder.  He managed multiple commercial diving interests ranging from $3MM-$20MM in the Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.  In these roles he worked on such notable projects as the recovery of the Brother Jonathan and de Braak shipwrecks.  His in-depth dive training led to certifications in underwater demolitions, hydraulics, hyperbaric medicine, underwater ultrasonic non-destructive testing, a North Sea Phase One Air stamp issued by the England Department of Energy and a Diving Medical Technician (DMT) license.  He was also the founding partner of Ocean Aquatics, an international tropical fish supplier that imported and exported goods from around the globe.

When his business was successfully sold, his interest in medicine as a DMT led him to continue his education.  He completed an AS in Radiologic Technology and a BS in Medicine from the University of Florida’s Physician Assistant program.  Upon graduation he applied and was accepted, due to his prior diving and hyperbaric medicine background, to the physician-only NOAA/UHMS Physicians Training in Diving Course, and earned a certification as a Diving Medical Officer. 

After graduation, as a nationally-licensed healthcare provider (Physician Assistant-Certified), Jon turned his sights to business operations and healthcare management.   He has broad medical experience in areas such as diagnostic imaging, minimally-invasive laser spine surgery, urgent care, orthopedics and orthopedic trauma surgery, internal medicine, family practice, cardiology, pain management, hyperbaric medicine and clinical research.

Jon’s demonstrated business and operational success due to his diligence, dedication, and drive, make him a vital and instrumental member of the 33 Hope team.  His ability to wear multiple hats across various industries makes him an asset in multiple business sectors.  Jon currently lives in St. Petersburg with his wife and two children.