Phil Gilliam

In the area of marketing and sales, Phillip Gilliam is truly unique.

Over 35 years ago he discovered the exciting world of software. Over 25 years ago he discovered the Internet (no,he did not invent the Internet!)

When Phil first started "programming" he did so in fluidics and relay logic.  When he first started using the Internet for marketing he used "bulletin boards".  When Phil first started his career there were no personal computers and no search engines or SEO.

But Phil saw the opportunity for both from their earliest inception and he was and has remained one of the premier innovators and earliest adopters in both areas.

Phil has been developing, selling and marketing financial and technical products since the beginning of his career.  He recognized early on, that regardless the industry, product, or need, every situation had a similar business requirement; to blend the world of the technical with sales and marketing, and doing so in such a way to make the technologist a sales and marketing person and at the same time make the marketing and sales people effective technologists.

He did this through blending the marketing and sales world with business technical and engineering demands through  a client concentric marketing technology consulting solution designed specifically to the needs of the clients. With the use of technology, the technologist becomes the perfect marketer and the perfect salesman becomes the consummate technologist.

Thus, Phil recognized the importance of the consulting approach to marketing and selling. By implementing a powerful, proprietary software system to quickly and efficiently analyze his client's exact needs, and utilizing copyrighted software modules that have been and will continue to be in a constant state of development, he is able to create a very efficient and powerful marketing / sales / technological solution for pennies, unlike what it would cost by most marketing firms that are required to hire outside software development, SEO, Website development,  design, print, video etc.

Phil has established himself as an expert author on the Internet and is extremely prolific in putting valuable content both throughout the Internet community as well as on his client's websites.