Scott Matirne

Scott Matirne is a dynamic, motivated and accomplished sales and marketing professional that has spent the last twenty-one years being a leader in the customer packaged goods industry and behavior based marketing and advertising industry.  Over the last 21 years, he has lead and developed sales teams, exceeded sales expectations and built brands throughout his career. Mr. Matirne’s success can be directly attributed to his ability to overcome obstacles, accept change as well as being a catalyst for growth.

In his spare time, Scott co-founded a very successful sports league in Florida.  He worked with the Department of health to develop a unique sports program that not only focused on sportsmanship but also educated parents and children on the value of proper nutrition and physical exercise.  Mr. Matirne co-founded a 501 c3 non-profit corporation to fight childhood obesity and he currently sits on the board.  Scott is regular speaker at his church and in his community. As a speaker, Scott is focused on getting ordinary people to do something out of the ordinary for others in the name of God.

Scott received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Food Science from Louisiana State University in 1989

Scott lives in St. Petersburg, Fl with his wife Barbara and 2 kids; his 14 year old son Hunter and his 12 year old daughter Carson.