Film Company Announces Feature Film: "33 The Story of Hope"

TAMPA, FL – 33 HOPE, a Florida-based multimedia production company announced today that its new feature film 33, The Story of Hope is pending production financing. The film will be based upon the Company’s book of the same name which was published by Sound Enterprises, Inc., founded with actor Jim Caviezel of The Passion of the Christ. The book is now available in electronic and audio versions at

33, The Story of Hope was written by Eddie Flom, a personal friend of one 33 HOPE’s founding partners Kirk Berendes. The epic book was inspired after a very tender experience between a father and son. It happened on Good Friday before Easter when Kirk and his three children had just finished watching The Passion of the Christ. Once the movie ended, one of Kirk’s sons, Christian curiously asked “What happened next Daddy?” Kirk paused because he didn’t know the answer, but from that point forward he was determined to find the answer.

The book tells the amazing story of Saul of Tarsus, initially one of the fiercest enemies of Jesus of Nazareth and the emerging Christian church who, while on the road to Damascus with orders to arrest Christians, received a spiritual healing and was converted to Christianity. Accepting the new name Paul, he became one of the most fervent missionaries of the early Christian movement and ultimately authored a significant portion of the New Testament.

While the feature film is being shot at world famous Cinecitta Studios in Rome, writing has also commenced on the second book in a trilogy, 64, The Story of Faith, about the Apostle Paul in Rome with St. Peter during the reign of the infamous Emperor Nero. A campaign to fund the writing of the second book was launched today on the popular Internet funding platform Kickstarter, offering incentives related to the first film and the books.

Veteran entertainment attorney and 33 HOPE partner William L. Whitacre believes that, “Our company, 33 HOPE was formed to be a powerful force in bringing the messages of Christ to an exciting, new generation, with emphasis on unity, community, and working together. We see ourselves as storytellers, proving interdenominational, family-friendly, world-class entertainment to a worldwide audience that desires hope, high-quality and high-value.”

The 33 HOPE team is developing the third book and movie in the trilogy 95, The Story of Love, based upon the writing by John from Revelation, one of the most fascinating books of the Bible.

33 HOPE Media Contacts:

Richard W. Hayes, COO
  • (813) 956-6800
  • Kirk Berendes, CEO
  • (813) 765-9264

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